Tim Redman (trombontim) wrote in atlanta_photos,
Tim Redman

January Atlanta

I always forget about this group until someone else posts, and then I remember to post my own stuff :) You know the liquor store at the corner of 17th and Northside Drive? I wandered onto the balcony of the motel behind it for these shots just after sunset when there was still a bit of afterglow.

Click on any thumbnail to download larger sizes. All taken with a Canon Digital Rebel XTi.

3.2 seconds at f/10

30 seconds at f/22

2 seconds at f/10

Midtown Glow
4 seconds at f/10

And finally, from my front yard on Hemphill Avenue (right off 10th) on the first night that it snowed last week. Taken at dusk with a long exposure that brought out the headlights in the street...

Get the milk and bread
8 seconds at f/7.1

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